Becoming a freelance remote designer

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Here is a short to-do list for all the fresh graduates and creatives who would like to get into freelancing and remote work, I’m sure I missed some points, but this list is my ten commandments, and I do exercise daily.

1- Invest in your freelance business, Software, Hardware, subscriptions
2- Treat your clients as long term partners
3- Offer help and consulting
4- Get a domain and hosting, build your portfolio
5- Interact with your fellow designers in Dribbble, Behance, LinkedIn. And maybe Facebook?
6- Email people, and stay in touch, but don’t spam.
7- You can have a full-time job and a side gig
8- Learn how to write and respond to emails
9- Answer your emails, and inquires quickly, even if you are not interested.
10- Be honest and professional

What would you add?

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