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Blog Post 4 – Rationale

By October 13, 2020No Comments

First Draft of my Rationale

The product that I picked is the Mini Dounts box that I get twice from the superstore. I feel bad each time I finish a pack of these bad boys and shive them in a corner in my kitchen until I have 4 or 5 every two weeks waiting to be recycled.

My goal in this project is to redesign the box packaging to be environmentally friendly with minimum impact. I also would like to improve the dull branding of the packaging to invite more people to try this heavenly product.

To reach my goal of minimum impact on the environment, and to rebrand the packaging, I will experiment with different materials that I can use for the project.

The ideal outcome I’m hoping to have by the end of this project is a reusable box that is nice to look at and sustainable. it needs to be convincing and beautiful. it is a challenge that is fun to tackle, and I’m hoping that through trial and error and research, I will end up with something outstanding that solves a problem.

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