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Design Thinking is BS”, is BS

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Design Thinking is BS”, is BS


In his response to Natasha's talk, Richard argues that instead of rallying against using Buzz words is to use them to clarify what we are trying to convey. Buzz words are seen as an opportunity to ask meaningful questions. He explains that Buzz words add another opportunity to talk about the problem and the process.

Richard explains in his article that critique is an integral part of all design processes. For example, peer critique is vital in design studios such as Jen work. Designers will share their work with team members, and feedback is provided.

"I personally have no issue with buzz words if they help a community of creators speak the same language and create mutual understanding."
-Richard Banfield

One of the main points Richard tackles in Natasha's video is her claim that messed work environment is the only place a creative person can be creative. He explains that creativity isn't always a mess and that the idea that messiness is causative in the creative process suggests that Jen never saw other creatives in different fields.

Richard also asks that designers deserve to be treated with respect and not fed half-truths to get the audience's attention with bold claims.

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