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Design Thinking Is Bullsh*t

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Design Thinking Is Bullsh*t


Natasha defines design thinking as it packages the designer's way by working for a non-designer audience by codifying they're processes into prescriptive, step by step approach to creative problem solving. which is a problem. Because criticism is missing from this process.

Design criticism Is an integral part of the design process. Usually, designers will showcase their ideas and designs and provide evidence to everyone to provide criticism. This is where improvements ready happens. Designers start to evaluate if their solution is valuable or not. And this step is missing from today's design thinking conversation.

"Design thinking started out really as a kind of very important methodology for industrial design, but in recent years, I think that it had become this kind of thing where other adjacent design fields began to opportunistically latch onto it in order to fulfill their own needs."

Designers should practice learning by doing, they need to lean how to define the needs and constraints of every project before designing. Also designer should be able to self-critique and use that to make themselves better, designers need to surround themselves with evidence and crit in order to make the world better.

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