Typeface Selections


Designed by Christian Robertson, Roboto is a simple and clean typeface that has 4 families with multiple weights, described by google “modern, yet approachable,”

Times New Roman

Described as one of the most familiar and successful typefaces in the world – and has been used for just about every typographic application imaginable.

Manifesto A

Create and design to make the world a better place, design to educate and inspire

Manifesto B

Find solutions to problems, explore and innovate and communicate, and always start fresh and embrace change


Random yet beautiful poster, with a clear focal point created by a bold shape of the letter O.

The combination between the illustration created by type, and large letters and the font information
creates an awesome poster. The designer also did a good job with the poster colors

I love the background colors and the 3d effect created by playing
with shadows and color shades in the poster.

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