Web Design

BitMitigate supports online users to develop sustainable strategies to stay online in the face of the forces that may undermine online content, community or commerce.

Challenge and Goals

To Design & Develop the User Interface and User Experience for BitMitigate new site redesign that will protect content providers from deplatform

Project Info
  • Role: UI / UX Design, Art Direction
  • Platform: Desktop
  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Year: 2020
  • Competitive analysis
  • User Research
  • Low-Fidelity Designs
  • Hi-Fidelity Designs
  • Prototype


01. Inspiration

During the inspiration phase, I investigated the requirements and goals needed to be achieved in the new redesign. I administered competitor research to understand the market. Later, I collected feedback from BitMitigtate team and users to understand the existing site’s weak points and difficulties.

02. Ideation

In the Ideation phase, I managed brainstorming sessions with the BitMitigate team to explore the most suitable solutions for the new site design. Once the insights were ready, I started to design low-fidelity prototypes to test my ideas and to make sure we had the best solutions.

03. Implementation

In the implementation phase, I tested the most valuable ideas and solutions from the previous steps to highlight the most desirable approaches. Based on all of that, I established the principal elements and styles we will execute in our new pages. I designed and produced the High-Fidelity prototypes and test them out to make sure they resolve the problems we have with the current site. Once I secured approval from all the team members and management. The pages were shared with the development team to be put live.