Epik Landing Pages

Web Design

Founded in 2009, Epik has earned an industry reputation for exceptional service and support. For many customers, Epik is a one-stop shop for their entire web presence: domain name, hosting, monetization, and web development services.

Challenge and Goals

To design and produce the central landing and marketing pages to enhance the user journey and engagement across Epik platform. And to help educate Epik users and new visitors about the different types of services Epik offers.

Project Info
  • Role: UI / UX Design, Art Direction
  • Platform: Desktop
  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Year: 2021
  • Competitive analysis
  • User Research
  • Low-Fidelity Designs
  • Hi-Fidelity Designs
  • Prototype


01. Inspiration

In the inspiration phase, I analyzed the requirements and main objectives that needed to be achieved with the new landing pages redesign. I researched the main competitors in the market to understand how they promote their services and products. Afterwards, I gathered feedback from the stakeholders and the platform users to understand the current weak points in the landing pages.

02. Ideation

In the Ideation phase, I conducted Brainstorming sessions to exchanges ideas between the design team and the stakeholders. And to explore the best approaches for the new landing pages designs. Once I had the insights ready, I developed Low-fidelity prototypes to test them out and to make sure that we had the best solutions. The prototypes went through a couple of rounds of edits after collecting feedback from the different teams

03. Implementation

In the Implementation phase, I test the most useful ideas and solutions from the previous steps to distinguish the most desirable approaches for the landing pages. And based on all the previous work, I defined the hierarchy, colour theme, and typography that will be used in our designs. I formulated and designed the High-Fidelity prototypes and tested them out. Afterwards, I shared the concepts and my findings with the stakeholders. Once approved, the designs were shared with the development team to be implemented

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  • Photography
  • Strategy
  • Building Inspire
  • Best Promo
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